Advocating for the Protection
and Celebration of First Nations
Cultural Heritage


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the custodians of an unbroken cultural legacy spanning many millennia.

The rich stories of the people and the landscapes of this country make Australia unique. First Nations Cultural Heritage tells the story of our past, present, and future.

Every day in Australia First Nations Cultural Heritage is being destroyed, damaged, desecrated, or disturbed. The destruction of the 46,000-year-old Juukan Caves by Rio Tinto horrified the world but was not an isolated occurrence nor was it illegal.

The laws to protect First Nations Cultural Heritage in Australia are broken – urgent reforms are required.

Conversational call to action

65,000 years. Over 3,000 generations. More than 300 languages.

Photo: Justin McManus    


July 17, 2024

Campers accused of trashing cultural sites with human excrement and chainsaws during controversial event
Michael Dahlstrom Toilet paper and human waste have been photographed strewn across rural Indigenous cultural sites, and important trees have been cut down for firewood. The alleged disregard for the...
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July 14, 2024

Australia’s dingo debate is heating up as traditional owners call for protections of ‘sacred’ animal: ABC
7.30 / By Ella Archibald-Binge Voracious predator of livestock or precious wildlife? That is the plight of the dingo. Warning: This story contains images of dead animals that some people may find distressing...
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July 14, 2024

An eye in the sky led these Yalata rangers to a long-forgotten discovery: SBS
Indigenous rangers from a remote South Australian community are using drones to care for their Country — and it’s led them to an ancient water source. For Yalata ranger Tyson...
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Ngarrinderji Kaurna Elder and Traditional Owner Major Moogy Sumner

Join us in Protecting
Our National Treasures

First Nations Cultural Heritage is 65,000 years of culture and history that must be protected for all future generations, for all Australians and people the world over.

The damage to First Nations Cultural Heritage is a systemic issue. The laws and policies in place to protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage are for the most part woefully inadequate – focused more on the regulation and facilitation of destruction than the protection of heritage.

We urge and invite people from all backgrounds and all sections of Australian society to gather and support our call to collectively celebrate and protect Australia’s Cultural Heritage.

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