Guided by nature: ABC

Indigenous Australians use their deep spiritual connection to the land to track the seasons, but elders are warning of a “massive shift” in climate.

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By weather reporter Tyne Logan – Published 31 Mar 2023, 5:58am

Meandering the sandy tracks of the Wandi nature reserve, Noel Nannup stops to observe the budding yellow flowers of the acacia tree.

Their drying and deepening yellow is a subtle sign the season is changing.

Uncle Noel is a Whadjuk Noongar elder, from one of the largest Aboriginal cultural blocks in Australia, made up of 14 different language groups.

His culture is rooted in a deep spiritual connection to the land he lives on which informs his vast knowledge of the local Indigenous seasons.

“[People] don’t understand depth of Aboriginal knowledge of country, and the main motivating factor of why we’re on country, which is to care for it,” he said.