‘It’s part of us’: Weavers to hand over 100m-long work to NGV: The Australian

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For two years, sometimes aided by their daughters and grandchildren, by day and often night, the women sat weaving – to create something remarkable.

From The Weekend Australian Magazine
October 21, 2023

Lorna Jin-gubarragunyja with her section of the 100m fence project built for the National Gallery of Victoria. Picture: Renae Saxby

Lorna Jin-gubarragunyja. Photo: Renae Saxby

Doreen Jinggarrabarra at work. Photo: Renae Saxby

Next month, their work will debut at the National Gallery of ­Victoria’s Triennial 

“I can see the bush trips we went on,” says Brooke Ainscow asshe 

Michelle Baker, Freda Ali, Doreen Jinggarrabarra, Lorna Jin-gubarragunyja and Cecille Baker from Maningrida Art Centre in the NT. Picture: Renae Saxby

Creating a 100m-long fish net is no small task. Even before a single

“We had a lot of pain,” says Doreen Jingarrabarra. “Pain in our back, arms, legs, when we sit. We got cramps sometimes.” As each weaver’s section grew, and could no longer be contained to their homes, many moved into the back room at the art centre, where they would work for more hours, sometimes sleeping in situ

“This is important for us, fence net and fish trap. It’s in our songline.” Picture: Renae Saxby