Preserve, protect, empower: Join the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council: Shepparton News

By Taylah Baker

Preservation: Council members will oversee the repatriation of sacred objects, such as the Yidaki, pictured being played by Wilfred Stewart.
Photo by Megan Fisher

Victorian Traditional Owners are invited to apply for positions on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council and play a key role in protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Four council positions are currently open for applications, as announced by Victorian Treaty and First Peoples Minister Natalie Hutchins.

Successful candidates will become part of the 11-member council of Traditional Owners, pivotal in empowering Aboriginal decision-making regarding their heritage.

“Through the council, Victorian Traditional Owners can use their knowledge and experience to manage and protect cultural heritage, delivering benefits to the entire Victorian community,” Ms Hutchins said.

The council’s key responsibilities include advising the Minister for Treaty and First Peoples on issues about Aboriginal cultural heritage in Victoria and handling decisions regarding applications from Traditional Owners seeking to become Registered Aboriginal Parties.

Additionally, they will oversee the processes for reporting and returning ancestral remains and secret or sacred objects.

Enhancing public awareness and understanding of Aboriginal cultural heritage will also be a major facet of the role.

“The council’s work is vital to strengthening the inherent rights of Victorian Traditional Owners to enjoy and be in control of their heritage,” council chair Denise Lovett said.

Victorian Traditional Owners with extensive knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage and time to commit to council duties are encouraged to apply.

Expressions of interest must be received by 5pm on Monday, May 6.

For more information or to apply, visit