Sea Country Alliance Website

The Sea Country Alliance brings together Traditional Owner groups from every state and territory with regulatory and cultural responsibilities for Sea Country, ensuring that Traditional Owner voices are heard in decision-making about Sea Country.  

PBC National Snapshot

Website with overview of PBCs and ability to search for PBCs. It has been more than 25 years since the historic Mabo decision which recognised the native title rights and interests of the Meriam people, traditional owners of the Murray Islands (which include the islands of Mer, Dauer and Waier) in the Torres Strait. The judgments of the High Court …

Caring for Our Country: IATSIS

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The Benefits Associated with Caring for Country: Literature Review The beneficial relationships held between Indigenous people and their country are encapsulated in sayings by Indigenous people such as ‘healthy country, healthy people’ and ‘if you look after the country, the country will look after you’. This literature review considers the growing field of research that is documenting and examining the …

Navigating our way through country: Melbourne University

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge of the features of the world and navigation methods involved geographical, astronomical and environmental knowledge that was transmitted by various means, including narratives, songs, star maps, and visual designs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people developed and used expert knowledge to navigate through country for many reasons – to trade, to find materials for tools, in …

Map of Indigenous Australia: IATSIS

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‘What was before Lord Vestey born and I born? It was blackfella country.’ Vincent Lingiari (Wattie Creek 1966) Australia’s First Peoples have been living on the Australian continent for millenia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia is made up of many different and distinct groups, each with their own culture, customs, language and laws. They are the world’s oldest surviving …

Return of Cultural Heritage: IATSIS

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For over 300 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage has been removed overseas and placed in museums, universities, and private collections. IATIS website on the return of cultural heritage.

Tapuwae: A Vision for Places of Māori Heritage

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Te Kōrero a te Kaunihera Māori o te Pouhere Taonga Heritage New Zealand Tapuwae means ‘sacred footprint’.  The Māori Heritage Council (the Council) uses this term to symbolise the Māori heritage ‘footprints’ in the landscape.  It is also used to communicate the idea that we can look back to where we have been as we move forward, taking more steps.  The …

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Respectful Language Guide

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Respectful Language Guide – intended for non-Indigenous people. QLD Government. Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs. Like all genuinely mutual and productive relationships, engagements with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities need to be based on respect. Respect must be offered and earned.