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Embrace Cultural Heritage

First Nations’ Cultural Heritage is Australia’s Cultural Heritage

Australia’s past is complex and often defined by conflict. But as a modern nation, we can all be proud of the First Nations culture that is so deeply embedded in this place we all call home. It is time to celebrate and protect our unique heritage as one.

First Nation’s cultural heritage is 65,000 years of culture and history that must be protected for all future generations, for all Australians and people the world over.

The damage to First Nations’cultural heritage is a systemic issue. The laws and policies in place to protect Aboriginal Cultural heritage are for the most part woefully inadequate – focused more on the regulation to facilitate destruction than the protection of heritage.

We urge and invite people from all backgrounds and all sections of Australian society to gather and support our call to collectively celebrate and protect Australia’s cultural heritage

Take Action

Learn more about cultural heritage, the fight to protect it by strengthening legislation, and what’s happening now in the states and territories by visiting ANTaR’s Cultural Heritage Protection Campaign page.

Take Action to support the work of the Alliance by heading to our partner ANTaR’s website 

Write to your local MP and find out what they’re doing to help protect First Nations cultural heritage in your area and nationally.

Share ANTaR’s cultural heritage explainer with your friends and networks.

Sign the pledge to demand better Cultural Heritage protection and help stop the destruction of our invaluable First Nations cultural heritage before it’s too late.

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