MCA Welcomes The Launch Of Dhawura Ngilan Business And Investor Guides

MEDIA RELEASE: The Minerals Council of Australia
Tania Constable, Chief Executive Officer

The Minerals Council of Australia welcomes today’s launch of the Dhawura Ngilan Business and Investor Guides by the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance.

This initiative marks a significant advancement in the management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage.

Designed by Traditional Custodians across Australia, Dhawura Ngilan offers practical steps for the mining industry to integrate local knowledge and cultural heritage practices throughout a mine’s lifecycle.

The initiative underscores the importance of collaboration between industry and Traditional Custodians in preserving, protecting, and promoting at least 65,000 years of cultural heritage.

The MCA embraces the principle that effective heritage management requires both relationships and regulation.

The Dhawura Ngilan initiative represents a unique opportunity for the sector to contribute to the vision of preserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage for future generations.

As MCA member companies begin implementing the Towards Sustainable Mining framework, Dhawura Ngilan’s principles will play a crucial role in showcasing industry best practices and fostering meaningful partnerships with local Traditional Custodians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and industry have demonstrated that working together, in partnership, leads to better localised opportunities and outcomes for communities.

Dhawura Ngilan exemplifies how these partnerships, extending through the mining lifecycle, can generate significant wealth sharing and investment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The MCA is grateful for the leadership of the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance in this endeavour and looks forward to walking along this journey in partnership as we ensure that the advice and guidance of Traditional Custodians are further embedded across the mining industry’s practices.